My studio is the street – The world is my palette – Life is my canvas

I call my art Out and About Notecards.  Subjects range from myriad images of Russian churches taken from 1985 to 1998, to juxtapositions of line, light or hues, sometimes a series, as in “On Reflection” or “Windows on my World.” But it is mostly solo shots of that which entices my eye – doors, couples, signs, graffiti, reflected light, shapes and shadows. 

I print my cards one or two to a page on matte cardstock, using a printer that accurately represents the color and tonality seen through my lens. I love the velvet look of the ink on paper – a quality very different from that printed commercially in large numbers. 

Images – a perfect alignment of angle, altitude, color, shadow, form.  A never-to-be-repeated instant. The word seen, not spoken, nor written. I call myself a fast-grab photographer – regretting, always, the shots noticed too late or seen from a fast-moving vehicle – the goats herded late afternoon across a dusty road in New Mexico, the child with a luminous balloon partially blocked by a turning bus, dense crowd or simply my own inhibitions.  I won’t shoot to discredit or denigrate. 

As most artists do at some point, I found my favorite medium – photo-silkscreening. Combining images in the darkroom, knowing when I shot, what they would become.  In the end the chemicals used to clean my screens and toxic inks prevented my pursuit of the genre.  No other media mesmerized until I saw the work of a photographer whose oeuvre included both the subtly manipulated and nuanced “as-they-were” images and felt at long last that I had come home.

I don’t want to mat, I don’t want to frame.  I am also a writer and poet and thus meld my view of the world, both written and visual, on a note card.


Below are a few samples of my photography.


Gabrielle Cezke
Gabrielle Daydreamer
Gabrielle Blowing Bubbles
Gabrielle Hungarian Clock
Gabrielle High Tatras
Gabrielle Pink Hair Hollywood

To see samples of my note cards, click here.